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Sebastian Kügler sebas at
Tue May 3 11:23:46 CEST 2011

Good morning,

On Tuesday, May 03, 2011 09:25:53 Maurice de la Ferte wrote:
> I'd like to introduce you to an concept of target (WeTab)
> deployment/development cycle for an MeeGo and openSUSE dual boot system. In
> my point of view there are following requirements:
> - easy and fast Image deployment to the WeTab
> - minimal manual setup
> - persistent storage on target available
> - the MeeGo part based on weekly snapshot releases with additional packages
> - the openSUSE part based on 11.4 with additional packages
> - testing and development based on reproducible Images
> Vision in big picture:
> I will setup/update (weekly) an clean MeeGo and openSUSE dual boot system on
> the SSD of my 3G-WeTab. After that I will create with clonezilla tool
> backup images and share them via an download portal. Also an customized
> clonezilla live image and a step-by-step instruction will be shared on this
> portal. Via two USB storage devices and instructions you should be able to
> restore the dual boot system on your target.
> As an proof of concept I got an dual boot system running. The next step is
> to minimize the size of the partition layout to fit into an 16 GB SSD.
> After that I plan to create and share a plain dual boot system recovery
> image (firstly without plasma active).
> To be clarified:
> - Download portal to share data
> Hopefully this concept goes in the right direction, if you are in doubt
> please tell.

It doesn't sound like a very clean solution to me. The tests for openSUSE, I 
run from a virtual machine I can reset to clean package state, and then test 
the packages also on the device. As Meego is using btrfs, wouldn't FS-level 
snapshots be an option?

Otherwise, I'd suggest clean installation or live images to test with. Using 
backups from other systems to run something doesn't sound ideal to me.

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