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Marco Martin notmart at
Wed Jun 8 21:33:07 CEST 2011

On Tuesday 07 June 2011, Marco Martin wrote:

> Now, on the build dependency part:
> * SLC dataengine and applet are in a separate repository: that should
> become a runtime dependency to plasma-mobile and contour packages
> * to actually work, slc must also notice what the current resource is, and
> that means using the contour branches of kdelibs and kde-runtime.
> those will be needed as well for the recommendations to work.

now in the branch contour-development of the share-like-connect repository the 
current resource uri is updated correctly.

it's in a branch since now the dependency problem gets more interesting: 
share-like-connect repo depends from contour-development  branch of kdelibs 
and kde-runtime, new kactivities client isn't compatible, so also plasma-
mobile would end up depending from them...

they have to be used since the development of contour depends 100% from them, 
the question is how? ;)

Marco Martin

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