plasma-tablet-config is gone

Marco Martin notmart at
Wed Aug 31 08:19:13 UTC 2011

On Wednesday 31 August 2011, Sebastian Kügler wrote:
> Hey,
> FYI, might save you some headache (and me some queries on IRC ;-)):
> I've deleted this packages, it's been superseded by plasma-contour-config.
> So you'll want to install this one, as plasma-tablet-config is not
> supported anymore.

+1 :)
btw, what i wanted to do is the following:

* delete the plasma-tablet-homescreen (that is not really going to be 
maintaned at this point)
* rename plasma-contour-homescreen in something like or 
* instead of being based on the executable name, there would be a config key 
in plasma-mobilerc to decide what homescreen to load
* there would just be the plasma-mobile executable (call it plasma-active?)

opinioins? (or reasons why this shouldn't happen?)

Marco Martin

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