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Maurice de la Ferte Maurice.Ferte at
Tue Aug 16 13:05:06 UTC 2011


> On Monday 15 August 2011, Maurice de la Ferte wrote:
> > Hi all,
> >
> > it was really nice to meet some of you on the desktop summit in Berlin
> > last week. Please note, to prevent for duplicated work please take a
> > look to 'home:mdfe:Project:KDE:Experimental' before you update stuff on
> > 'Project:KDE:Devel'. I'm planning do merge a lot of changes form
> > 'home:mdfe:Project:KDE:Experimental' into 'Project:KDE:Devel'
> > in '' the next days. Here a big picture about
> > changes I liked to merge:
> >
> > - Change OBS package names to upstream repository package names
> >   (e.g. kde4-filesystem --> kde-filesystem and kdebase-runtime -->
> >    kde-runtime ... ).
> +1
> thanks for looking in to that, the repo needed to get more "serious" ;)
> >
> >   Project:KDE:Devel <--> Project:KDE:Trunk:Testing --> Project:KDE:Trunk
> >
> > Maybe it is a bit of overhead but on meego its best practise and in my
> > opinion we need some kind of staging repositories if we want to bunch our
> > work on one meego KDE OBS development project. Annotations are badly
> > welcome.
> ok, so Project:KDE:Trunk would be the "stable" one..
> don't understand exactly the relationship between devel and testing?
Ok I will try to explain. The 'Project:KDE:Devel' should be the project
where the kde development stuff on meego happens, like in the same way as
be now. The 'Project:KDE:Trunk' project should be the one which is
always stable, because all changes will come over 'osc submitrequest' form
the 'Project:KDE:Trunk:Testing'(staging) project, after I kind of 'quality
assurance' has happend. This means we should create a weekly 'testing' image
from 'Project:KDE:Trunk:Testing' and try it out. If all wents fine and we have
done the merge from 'Project:KDE:Trunk:Testing' to 'Project:KDE:Trunk', both
projects contain exact the same stuff, so there is no need to test the (stable)
'Project:KDE:Trunk' project again.
To bring something into the (staging) 'Project:KDE:Trunk:Testing' project, you
can just blob your changes into the 'Project:KDE:Trunk:Testing' package form
'Project:KDE:Devel' or use 'osc submitrequest' mechanism. A qualified changelog
should be mandatory for this step. I will overhaul the continuous integration
mechanism to get more details into the automatically generated changelog files.
At the moment I prepare a inital blob of the revision of the desktop summit demo
to the (stable) 'Project:KDE:Trunk' project. I prefer this revision because it
is widespread and tried out many times.  After that I will setup the staging
'Project:KDE:Trunk:Testing' just via OBS links to the packages of
'Project:KDE:Trunk' (by this it is very easy to keep in sync).

> --
> Marco Martin

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