Bangarang Active?

Marco Martin notmart at
Wed Apr 13 20:47:48 CEST 2011

On Wednesday 13 April 2011, Andrew Lake wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm developer of Bangarang and I'm curious if there would be any
> interest in having Bangarang eventually as an Active App?

of course, the more applications there are, the better it is, and bangarang is 
a pretty neat application :)

> There is already what I hope is fairly decent separation between data
> and visualization. The underlying design tries to follow the MVC
> principle and purposefully allows separate UI development.  From my
> normal desktop testing and use I'm thinking Bangarang might fit into
> category 2 from Aaron's blog, but I've never actually tested it on a
> touch device.

that is quite a good news, probably a port of the "chrome elements" to qml 
could be not too hard so

> If Bangarang makes sense as a potantial Active App, I have a few questions:
> - Bangarang uses Nepomuk for media library info, playback statistics.
> Is something like this out of scope for how Nepomuk is intended to be
> used in Plasma Active?

yes it is, just look at monday's announcements about Contour :)

> - I was hoping for the 2.1 release to focus on activity-aware
> playlists and media semantics (highest rated/frequently
> played/recently played). Would something like this fit into the
> current vision for Plasma Active?

activities are pretty important in plasma active, as the name suggests 

> - There are some specific interaction mechanics that I'm not entirely
> clear about regarding availability from current/proposed Active
> libraries: Multiple selection in a list, Touch and hold, Pop-up
> menu/selection list.
> - I may need a little guidance on whether to modify the existing C++
> UI code or just develop a new UI using QML. No worries either way.

I would say a QML ui with plasma components would be the way to go..
for media apps there is still the problem of video widgets in qgraphicsview 
that are still.. meh :/

Marco Martin

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